Quality, Environment and OSH

We seek to build a better future on a daily basis, by implementing measures that foster responsible development and enable a Circular Economy.

As part of Sanindusa’s commitment to protecting our planet, our values and industrial operations are underpinned by environmental issues.

The results achieved evidence our efforts and set a starting point for the definition of new environmental targets, goals and actions. They contribute to the continuous improvement and sustainability of the Group’s management system and business.

Qualidade - Um compromisso vitalício

A Lifelong Commitment

The certification of our Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS) attests to our commitment to ensuring product and service quality and our efforts to improve environmental performance. Sanindusa is registered under number PT-000105 with the EMAS, a certified management programme based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards. We seek to honour this commitment since 2005, which reflects our enduring concern with the environment, uninfluenced by legal requirements or recent trends.

The EMAS registration and the ISO 14001 Standard are valuable management tools for leveraging industrial and commercial development and ensuring business continuity and sustainable growth.

Our attitude and the setting of targets and goals, which are regularly monitored, contribute to the continuous improvement of our quality and environmental management system, in addition to promoting growth within the ceramics industry.